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Few people know that no less than 80% of the maintenance costs of a home are spent on painting and roof maintenance. When you pay the right attention to this specific maintenance, the chance is much smaller that you will suddenly be faced with large expenses.

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Maintaining and updating paintwork is one of the specialties of Voortman painting. We look further than just the condition and shine of the paintwork. Our professionals also look at the structural condition of, for example, windows, doors and sills. More than once this is the cause of damage caused by wood rot.

Identifying is one thing, solving and treating the problem professionally is another. In the vast majority of cases, our experienced and skilled employees can solve the problems in a relatively simple way. If the problem turns out to be bigger, we can arrange for a carpenter to repair damage to windows, doors and sills.

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Of course you can engage Voortman painting when maintenance needs to be carried out on the painting of your home or apartment. You can also engage us for periodic maintenance. For more information, questions or to make an appointment directly, please contact us.

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Maintenance advice

If your home or property has been beautifully painted, you naturally want it to stay that way. Good maintenance is therefore necessary, this can extend the life of both indoor and outdoor painting. That is why we are happy to give you the right maintenance advice. Proper maintenance allows the home or building to retain its value and prevents unexpected costs in the future. You can also do a few things about the maintenance of the paintwork yourself.

  • Clean your paintwork about twice a year
  • Check the paintwork every now and then for dirt, cracks, moisture, etc.
  • Have a professional painter update it in time
  • Ventilation is important for the removal of moisture and dirt


Painting company Voortman painting is ready for you if your painting needs maintenance. Our specialized team can carry out large and small maintenance work for you. We will visit you to analyze the current state of the painting. We will then draw up a plan so that your paintings shine again and look like new.

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