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PVC floors are an excellent synthetic alternative to laminate and parquet floors. The product is supplied in strips or tiles, both with and without groove. The material has a natural appearance due to the colors and is indistinguishable from real wood. Due to this natural appearance, the floor fits into almost any interior and you can easily combine it.

Floor options

Why do you choose PVC?

The PVC floor is being discovered by more and more people. And that is not surprising because the PVC floor has a lot to offer you. PVC floors are exceptionally durable, strong, easy to maintain, very stable and quiet. PVC is known to have a sound damping effect, so it reduces environmental and contact noises. PVC is also very suitable in combination with underfloor heating.

Thanks to current techniques, PVC floors can hardly be distinguished from real wooden floors. You have probably walked on a PVC floor many times without noticing it.

Advice and installation


In most cases, the subfloor can simply be leveled. However, if the subfloor has a large gradient (>3 mm), is very irregular or, for example, is made of wood, then a special subfloor must be installed. And in the event of major deviations, we look for the right solution. These come in various variants, depending on the problem to be solved. There are also subfloors that provide at least 10 dB of noise reduction, often an obligation for apartments. We can give advice on this, supply the subfloors and our professionals ensure a perfect installation.

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Laying PVC floor

Eerst wordt de ondervloer geschikt gemaakt voor het leggen van de PVC vloeren. Voor het egaliseren wordt er vaak een primer opgebracht, voor een betere hechting. Als er wordt geëgaliseerd, dan moet deze laag drogen. Wij gebruiken tegenwoordig sneldrogende middelen, waardoor vaak de dag erna al de vloer gelegd kan worden. De laag egaline wordt licht opgeschuurd, waarna de PVC stroken en tegels verlijmd kunnen worden (met speciale PVC – lijm).

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