Wood rot repair

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Wood rot repair

In our wet climate, wood rot is a common problem, especially in windows and doors. Wood rot is caused by a fungus that settles in the wood. This is primarily due to moisture. Wood that remains continuously moist, in particular, will rot quickly. Fortunately, wood rot repair is possible! 

Holes and tears

Recognize wood rot

First of all, it is necessary to recognize the wood rot. How else could you fix it? You do not need any special equipment or tools to recognize wood rot. The naked eye is sufficient in most cases. When you see small holes and/or cracks in the surface, this may indicate wood rot. You can check this by scraping the surface with a tool or another piece of hard metal. If you suffer from wood rot, it is necessary to remedy this.

When you suffer from wood rot, it is necessary to repair the wood rot as soon as possible to limit further damage. As with many other things, the earlier you notice the wood rot, the greater the chance of a good result. It is also best to have wood rot repaired by a specialist. Voortman painting is a specialist in repairing wood rot and is happy to assist you. If you choose to have your wood rot treated by us, we will proceed as follows. First of all, we investigate where the wood rot is located. We then remove the wood rot from the frame and treat the frame with a special agent: epoxy putty. We then fill it up, paint the frame and voila, your frame is as good as new and looks great!


Preventing wood rot

Prevention is better than cure. Likewise for wood rot. It is therefore wise to have the paintwork inspected by a specialist every year. Although you can carry out the inspection yourself, it is also possible to have this done by Voortman painting.

Daarmee heb je ook direct een betrouwbare partner voor het moment wanneer er opnieuw schilderwerk dient plaats te vinden. Dit dient namelijk sowieso iedere tien jaar te gebeuren en in bepaalde gevallen zelfs eerder. Heb jij houten kozijnen en wil je houtrot herkennen, verhelpen of voorkomen? Dan is Voortman Schilderwerken de juiste partner voor u.

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Wood rot repair


It may be tempting to paint over an infested area, but it's not a good idea. At first glance, the woodwork looks nice again, but that is only temporary. Within a short time, moisture bubbles form on the wood or the paint starts to peel. The best solution is to use a wood rot repair agent, or to (partially) replace the wood. Summer is an ideal time for wood rot repair. The bare wood, from which the rotting spot has been removed with a chisel or paint scraper, must first dry thoroughly. Only then can the healthy wood be further treated with a wood rot repair agent, primer and undercoat. After the drying time, the woodwork can be coated with a good, moisture-resistant type of paint. Wood rot repair is still craftsmanship.

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Wood rot repair

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