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We always look for the best glass and sealant for your situation.
Because we have experienced glaziers and painters in-house, we can place the glass and immediately paint the frames. 
This way your framework will look sleek.

Tailored advice

New construction & renovation

In new construction, we often place glass in wooden exterior frames. Due to regulations, HR++ glass is currently being installed (high efficiency glass). The procedure usually involves cleaning the rebate globally, sticking cell tape, placing glass with any grid and then sealing. In a new stable, shed or garden house without an insulation objective, we often install single glazing.

Replacing single glass with insulating glass;
With newer existing frames it is often possible to replace the single glazing with insulating glass. Because we still place new glazing beads and nose battens in front of it, we can adapt it immediately. If the rebates are not suitable (usually in older houses), we mill them out with a special milling cutter.

Kitten or renew


Sealing along the glazing must be inspected regularly in accordance with the glass installation standards and warranty conditions to prevent leaking windows and rotten frames and glazing beads.
So with sealant detachment, we cut out part or all of the sealant edge along the glass and then provide it with new ones.

We also seal or renew sanitary kit in bathrooms, toilets, kitchen worktops, etc. and also expansion joints for walls and floors.

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Glas breuk of lekke ruit

Bij glas breuk kunnen we snel reageren. We komen bij u opmeten en in overleg wordt het glas geplaatst. Enkelglas is vaak op voorraad isolatieglas duurt meestal wat langer, maar dan plaatsen wij ook wel een noodvoorziening.
Lekke ruiten komt ook vaak voor. Deze meten we op, bestellen een nieuwe en komen we hem plaatsen. Meestal vervangen we dan ook de glaslatten in verband met beschadiging. De oude ruit nemen we weer mee.

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